Rename a report server computer

Renaming a computer causes a corresponding name change for the Web server and SQL Server instance, if the change is on the same computer. In some cases, SQL Server Reporting Services might not be accessible after a computer name change. Use the steps provided in this article to reconfigure a report server after a computer name change.

Rename a SQL Server database engine

If you rename the SQL Server Database Engine instance that runs the report server database, complete the following steps:

  1. Start the Reporting Services Configuration tool and connect to the report server that uses the report server database on the renamed server.

  2. Open the Database Setup page.

  3. In Server Name, enter or select the SQL Server name, and then select Connect.

  4. Select Apply.

If the report server is using a local Database Engine instance, you can use (local) or (local)\instancename to specify the server. If you use (local) to refer to the server, you can rename the server and the connections continue to work. If you're using a remote server, update the database connection information. This action must be done whenever the server name is changed or if Reporting Services is configured using the server name.

Rename a report server computer

If you rename a computer that runs a report server, complete the following steps:

  1. Open RSReportServer.config in a text editor and modify the UrlRoot setting to reflect the new server name. The UrlRoot setting is used by delivery extensions to compose the URL used to access items stored on the report server. Changing the report server URL address requires that you update the UrlRoot setting so that subscriptions continue to deliver reports as expected.

  2. In the same file, if the setting is set, modify the ReportServerUrl setting to reflect the new server name. This setting isn't used in every installation. If the setting is empty, do nothing.


    If you are using Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) on your corporate network, the report server and web portal might continue to be available under the previous name for a period of time. WINS maps an IP address to each computer it services. After WINS refreshes the IP address for the renamed computer, the old computer name can no longer be used to access the report server or web portal.

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