Scripting and PowerShell with Reporting Services

Reporting Services supports a wide range of development and management scenarios through script. These scenarios include the rs.exe command line utility and PowerShell cmdlets for SharePoint mode report servers. You can also use the Reporting Services object model from PowerShell for both Native and SharePoint mode.

  • Administrators can write script in Microsoft Visual Basic to automate how they deploy and manage a report server installation. Administrators can also generate and run Transact-SQL scripts that create, configure, and update a report server database. Administrators can also use the record and playback script features in SQL Server Management Studio to automate routine maintenance tasks.

  • Developers can create custom applications that include script. You can run script that makes calls to the Report Server Web service. Almost any operation that you can write in managed code can also be written in script.

  • The RS.exe utility, a script host running on the report server, processes [!INCLUDE[msCoName] (../../includes/] Visual Basic .NET script as the supported script language in Reporting Services. `

Reporting Services SharePoint mode PowerShell cmdlets and samples

Reporting Services SharePoint mode includes Reporting Services cmdlets for report server administration.

  • PowerShell cmdlets for Reporting Services SharePoint mode Includes the following examples:

    • Create a service application and proxy

    • Review and update a delivery extension

    • Get and set Properties of the Reporting Service Application Database, for example database timeout

    • List Data Extensions

Reporting Services object model and PowerShell samples

RS.exe scripting samples

RS.exe utility (SSRS)
Script deployment and administrative tasks
Script with the rs.exe utility and the web service