rsAccessedDenied - Reporting Services error

The Reporting Services error rsAccessedDenied occurs when a user doesn't have permission to perform an action. For example, they don't have a role assignment that allows them to open a report, or they didn't open their browser with the required permissions.

Applies to: Reporting Services Native mode | SharePoint mode
  • If the error occurred while accessing the report server directly through a URL, the exception is mapped to an HTTP 401 error.

  • If the error occurs when you use the web portal, the exception is typically mapped to an HTTP 401 error, or other defined HTML error page.

  • If the error occurred during a scheduled operation, subscription, or delivery, the error appears in the report server log file only.


Detail Value
Product Name SQL Server
Event ID rsAccessedDenied
Event Source Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.ErrorStrings
Component Reporting Services
Message Text The permissions granted to user 'mydomain\myAccount' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied) (ReportingServicesLibrary)

User action

Permission to access report server content and operations are granted through role assignments. On a new installation, only local administrators have access to a report server. To grant access to other users, a local administrator must create a role assignment that specifies a domain user or group account. The administrator must also create one or more roles that define the tasks the user can perform and a scope. The scope is usually the Home folder or root node of the report server folder hierarchy. You can use the web portal to create role assignments. For more information, see Role Assignments.

Local administration of the report server causes this error. For more information, see Configure a native mode report server for local administration (SSRS).

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