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SQL Server provides tutorials to help you learn new technologies and features. Tutorials for earlier versions can usually be used with more recent versions. When tutorials address a newer feature, they indicate the minimum version to complete the tutorial.

  • If a tutorial uses one of the Adventure Works databases, you should download and use the most recent version from CodePlex. For more information, see AdventureWorks sample databases.

  • Download a Power Pivot workbook and Power View reports to use with Power View tutorials, go to SQL Server Samples.


    Power View support is no longer available after SQL Server 2017.

  • Check out the new Wide World Importers sample available on the sql-server-samples GitHub repository.

Current tutorials

Technology Description
Analysis Services Tutorials (SSAS) Learn how to develop and deploy Analysis Services tabular or multidimensional models. Also learn how to use tools such as PowerPivot to analyze the data in the models.
Database Engine Tutorials Learn how to connect to an instance of the database engine and then build and run Transact-SQL statements.
Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Tutorials Learn how to manage information in an enterprise using Microsoft EIM technologies.
Integration Services Tutorials Learn how to create and deploy SSIS packages.
Replication Tutorials Learn how to set up and run replication topologies using SQL Server Management Studio.
Reporting Services Tutorials (SSRS) Learn how to create basic reports and subscriptions.
SQL Server Machine Learning Tutorials Learn how to work with SQL Server data using R or Python. Run R or Python scripts from Transact-SQL.

Previously published tutorials

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