How to: Clone an Existing Database

This task uses some of the steps you learned in previous procedures to create a new database and port existing data over. In addition, it uses the steps discussed in How to: Use Schema Compare to Compare Different Database Definitions to synchronize the schema of a source and project database.

By using these steps, you can easily create a development or test database from a production database with identical schema and data. You can then continue to develop the test database in a connected mode, or create a database project for offline development and testing, all without disrupting the operation of the production database.


The following procedures uses entities created in previous procedures in the Connected Database Development section.

To create a development database

  1. In SQL Server Object Explorer, under the SQL Server node, expand your connected server instance.

  2. Right-click the Databases node and select Add New Database.

  3. Rename the new database to TradeDev.

  4. Right-click the Trade database in SQL Server Object Explorer, and select Schema Compare. Follow the steps in the How to: Use Schema Compare to Compare Different Database Definitions topic, choosing the original Trade database as the source and the new TradeDev database as the target. This will update TradeDev with the schema from Trade.

To replicate data

  1. The previous step has duplicated only the schema of the production database to the development database. In this procedure, you will duplicate production data to the development database.

    Right-click the Suppliers table in the Trade database and select View Data. The Data Editor opens.

  2. Click the Script button next to Max Rows in the toolbar.

  3. When the script window opens, make sure Connected is shown in the status bar below the Transact-SQL script pane. If Disconnected is shown, click the Connect button (the leftmost one in the toolbar) and enter your server information and credentials.

  4. In the Database dropdown menu next to the Connect/Disconnect buttons, select TradeDev. This is similar to the Transact-SQLUSE statement, and will ensure that the script in the code editor will be executed against the TradeDev database.

  5. Click the Execute Query button to execute the INSERT statements. This will insert all the rows from the Suppliers table of the Trade database to the Suppliers table in the TradeDev database.

  6. Repeat the above steps for all the tables in the Tradedatabase, so that they are replicated to the TradeDevdatabase.

  7. Use the Data Editor to verify that all the tables in the new TradeDevdatabase have been populated.

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