Getting Started with SSMA for MySQL Console (MySQLToSQL)

This section describes the procedure to launch and get started with the MySQL console application. Also listed, herein, are the conventions used in a typical SSMA Console output window.

Launching SSMA Console

Use the following steps to start the SSMA console application:

  1. Go to Start and point to All Programs.

  2. Click the SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL Command Prompt shortcut.

    It displays the SSMA Console usage menu and (/? Help), to help you get started with the console application.

Procedure for Using the SSMA Console

After the console is successfully launched on your Windows system, you could use the following steps to work on it:

  1. Configure SSMA Console through the script files. For more information on this section, see Creating Script Files (MySQLToSQL) .

  2. Creating Variable Value Files (MySQLToSQL)

  3. Creating the Server Connection Files (MySQLToSQL)

  4. Executing the SSMA Console (MySQLToSQL) based on your project needs

Additional features:

  1. Securing Password and export/ import it onto other Window machines

  2. Generate Reports to view the detailed xml output reports for assessment /conversion and data migration. Detailed error reports can also be generated for refresh and synchronization commands.

SSMA Console Output Conventions

Upon executing the SSMA script commands and options, the console program displays the results and messages (information, error, etc.) to the user on the console or if required, redirects to an xml output file. Each type of message in the output is signified by a unique color. For example, the text message in white color denotes script file commands; the one in green color represents a prompt for user-input, and so on.

Screenshot showing an example of SSMA Console MySQL output.

Color-interpretation of the console output in the following table:

Color Description
Red Fatal error during execution
Gray Date and Time stamp, message to the user
White Script file commands, message type
Yellow Warning
Green Prompt for user-input
Cyan Start, Finish and Result of an operation

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