Global Settings (Logging) (OracleToSQL)

Use the Global Settings dialog box to specify the logging settings for SSMA. Typically, you would change these settings only when working with product support.

To access this dialog box, on the Tools menu, select Global Settings and then click the Logging button at the bottom of the left pane.


Messages Level
The following options are available under Messages Level:

Option Description
[all categories] Used to set the logging level for all of the following options.
Collector Collects metadata about the source schema and saves it to the project.
Converter Converts structures of source database objects, such as tables and stored procedures, into corresponding SQL Server structures.
Data migrator Migrates data from the source database into SQL Server.
Formatter Sub-component of the Converter that generates scripts for the SQL Server schema.
Graphical user interface Messages that appear when you use the SSMA tool.
Linker Resolves SQL identifiers and provides information to other components.
Other All messages that are not in any other category.
Parser Parses the source schema.
Synchronizer Loads source database objects into SQL Server.
TreeConverter Converts objects in the source metadata into SQL Server metadata.
Tester Messages that appear when you use the SSMA Tester.

For each option under Messages Level, configure one of the following logging levels for SSMA:

Level Description
Fatal Error Write only fatal error messages to the log.
Error Write error and fatal error messages to the log.
Warning Write warning, error, and fatal error messages to the log.
Info Write informational, warning, error, and fatal error messages to the log.
Debug Write all messages, including debugging messages, to the log.

Log file path
The file path and name of the SSMA log files. To specify a different name, click the current path, and then click the Browse (...) button.

Log file size
The maximum size of the log file in KB. The minimum size is 10 KB. The default size is 10240 KB.

Total number of log files
When one log fills, SSMA will rename the log file and start a new one. By using this setting, specify the maximum number of log files to keep. The minimum is 2.