Navigate Code and Text

Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure Synapse Analytics Analytics Platform System (PDW)

You can move through text by using:

  • Bookmarks.

  • Incremental search.

  • Mouse and navigation keys.

  • The Go To command.


For a complete list of keyboard shortcut keys, see SQL Server Management Studio Keyboard Shortcuts.

To edit a document elsewhere and then return to your original location, add a bookmark. You set bookmarks and move to them using keyboard shortcuts. View the bookmarks in the bookmark window.

Incremental search helps you navigate directly to locations in the current document as you enter the search characters. You can access incremental search with keyboard shortcuts.

The most common way to navigate text is with the mouse and navigation keys:

  • Use the LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW keys to move one character at a time or in combination with the CTRL key to move one word at a time. The UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys move one line at a time.

  • Click a location to place the cursor there.

  • Use the scroll bars or scroll wheel on the mouse to move through the text.

  • Use the HOME, END, PAGE UP, and PAGE DOWN keys to move through the text.

  • Use CTRL+PAGE UP and CTRL+PAGE DOWN to move the insertion point to the top or bottom of the window, respectively.

  • Use CTRL+UP ARROW and CTRL+DOWN ARROW to scroll the view without moving the insertion point.

Go To Command

Use the GoTo command to go to a specific line number. To make line numbering visible, in the Options dialog box, click Text Editor, click All Languages, click General, and then select Line numbers.

To go to a specific line number

  1. Click Go To on the Edit menu

  2. Enter the line number you want to view