Workaround to move tabs

Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure Synapse Analytics Not supported. Analytics Platform System (PDW)

A workaround may be required to enable moving query editor tabs, whether within the window or to dock a previously removed tab. If you have applied all available Windows updates and find you are unable to manipulate query editor tabs without experiencing a crash, follow the workaround below.

Applicable Environments

Windows updates to the .NET Framework introduced a known issue, which results in an application crash for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) when docking tabs or splitting the window. The latest information can be found at SQL Server User Feedback.


If the crash persists after applying all available Windows updates, follow these steps to mitigate the issue:

  1. Close all SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) instances.

  2. Locate your SSMS application file (exe). This is commonly found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18\Common7\IDE.

  3. Open the file Ssms.exe.config in Notepad as Administrator.

  4. Locate the AppContextSwitchOverrides node and append these two properties to the value.

    ;Switch.System.Windows.Interop.MouseInput.OptOutOfMoveToChromedWindowFix=true; Switch.System.Windows.Interop.MouseInput.DoNotOptOutOfMoveToChromedWindowFix=true

    Edit ssms.exe.config

  5. Save the config file and reopen SSMS.