Modify a Filter (SQL Server Profiler)

Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Managed Instance

You add filters to trace templates, which contain the trace definitions, to limit the number of events that are gathered by a trace. Limiting the number of events gathered can reduce the performance effects of tracing. If you set filters for a trace template and find that the trace is not gathering the kind of information that you need, you can edit the filter.

To modify a filter

  1. In SQL Server Profiler, open the template for the trace filter that you want to modify. On the File menu, click Templates, and then choose Edit Template.

  2. In the General tab of the Trace Template Properties dialog, select a template from the Select template name list.

  3. Click the Events Selection tab.

    The Events Selection tab contains a grid control. The grid control is a table that contains each of the traceable event classes. The table contains one row for each event class. The event classes may differ slightly, depending on the type and version of server to which you are connected. The event classes are identified in the Eventscolumn of the grid and are grouped by event category. The remaining columns list the data columns that can be returned for each event class.

  4. Click Column Filters.

  5. In the Edit Filter dialog box, click the value next to the comparison operator that you want to edit, and type the new value or delete a value. You can also add additional filters.

  6. Click OK and save the template.

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