sqlagent90 Application

Applies to: SQL Server

The sqlagent90 application starts SQL Server Agent from the command prompt. Usually, SQL Server Agent should be run from SQL Server Management Studio or by using SQL-SMO methods in an application. Only run sqlagent90 from the command prompt when you are diagnosing SQL Server Agent, or when you are directed to it by your primary support provider.


-c [-v] [-i instance_name]  


Indicates that SQL Server Agent is running from the command prompt and is independent of the Microsoft Windows Services Control Manager. When -c is used, SQL Server Agent cannot be controlled from either the Services application in Administrative Tools or SQL Server Configuration Manager. This argument is mandatory.

Indicates that SQL Server Agent runs in verbose mode and writes diagnostic information to the command-prompt window. The diagnostic information is the same as the information written to the SQL Server Agent error log.

-i instance_name
Indicates that SQL Server Agent connects to the named SQL Server instance specified by instance_name.


After displaying a copyright message, sqlagent90 displays output in the command prompt window only when the -v switch is specified. To stop sqlagent90, press CTRL+C at the command prompt. Do not close the command-prompt window before stopping sqlagent90.

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