XQuery Basics

Applies to: SQL Server

This section describes the fundamentals of XQuery.

In This Section

Sequence and QNames (XQuery)
Describes sequence and also QNames and predefined namespaces.

Expression Context and Query Evaluation (XQuery)
Describes the two contexts in which XQuery is evaluated. These two contexts are static and dynamic.

Atomization (XQuery)
Describes atomization, which is a process of extracting the typed value of an item.

Effective Boolean Value (XQuery)
Describes the effective Boolean value. This value can be computed for expressions that return a single Boolean value, a node sequence, or an empty sequence.

Type System (XQuery)
Describes the XQuery type system with various predefined types. XQuery is a strongly typed language for schema types and a weakly typed language for untyped data.

Error Handling (XQuery)
Describes the handling of static, dynamic, and type errors in XQuery.

Comments in XQuery
Describes how to add comments in XQuery by using the "(:" and ":)" delimiters

XQuery and Static Typing
Describes XQuery in SQL Server as a statically typed language

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