ROUND (Azure Stream Analytics)

Returns a numeric value, rounded to the specified length or precision.


ROUND ( numericExpression, length )



The numeric expression to be rounded. Must be bigint or float.


The precision to which numericExpression is to be rounded. length must be an expression of typ*e bigint. When length is a positive number, numericExpression is rounded to the number of decimal positions specified by length. When length is a negative number, numericExpression is rounded on the left side of the decimal point, as specified by length.

Return Types

numericExpression Type Return type
bigint bigint
float float

ROUND always returns a value. If length is negative and larger than the number of digits before the decimal point, ROUND returns 0.


SELECT ROUND (a, b) AS res FROM input
Expression Result
ROUND(1, 0) 1
ROUND(0, 0) 0
ROUND(-1, 0) -1
ROUND(1.0, 0) 1.0
ROUND(0.5, 0) 1.0
ROUND(-0.5, 0) -1.0
ROUND(1.234, 2) 1.23
ROUND(1.234, 10) 1.234
ROUND(123.4, -1) 120.0
ROUND(123.4, -10) 0.0
ROUND(501.0101, -3) 1000.0
ROUND(123.9995, 3) 124.0