Stream Live Events Replacement Service

The Stream live events service retires on January 31, 2024. Microsoft Teams live events, with encoder support, is the new platform to host and run live events.

We recommend that you begin using Teams live events to schedule and host all of your live events. Additionally, if your organization has live events scheduled beyond January 31, 2024, reschedule those events and inform attendees of the new link. Any Stream live event scheduled after January 31, 2024 will be automatically removed.

Note: Retirement date mentioned above is for worldwide tenants. For GCC tenants, the SLE retirement date is April 15, 2024.

Teams live events with encoder support is the replacement service for Stream live events

Teams live events is the successor service to Stream live events. Teams live events began rolling out the general availability of encoder support on February 1, 2023 (see roadmap ID 84960). The Teams live events service allows you to create, host and produce live events with the same functionality that you get with Stream. Teams live events supports 10,000 simultaneous event attendees and Real-Time Messaging Protocol input (RTMP-In). RTMP-in allows you to create highly polished events that feature combined live streams, screen overlays, on-screen data and more.


When is the last day that I can use Stream live events?

January 31, 2024

How do I set up a Teams Live Event?

See this article to schedule a Teams live event.

How do I produce a live event on Teams?

See this article to produce a Teams Live Event using Teams Encoder.

Where can I find more information on Teams live events capabilities and limitations?

See this article to plan for live events in Microsoft Teams.

What encoders does Teams live events support?

Teams live events support the same encoders as Stream live events. See this article with the list of supported encoders.

What are the benefits of using Teams live events?

Two benefits from using Teams live events that weren't available in Stream:

  1. The option to allow public anonymous attendees to attend Teams encoder live events
  2. Enhanced playback of recorded events with the option to add closed captions, transcripts, chapters, and comments.

What protocols does Teams live events support?

Teams live events supports RTMP and RTMPS ingest from most encoders.

What level of transcoding does Teams live events support?

Teams live events matches the support of codec, bitrate, frame rate, resolution and other specs offered by Stream live events. Those specs can be found in this article: Manually configure encoders for live event streaming.

What closed caption protocol does Teams live events support?

Teams live events supports CEA-608 and CEA-708 closed captions. Currently Teams live events supports only a single language track being sent in the stream.

Teams offers two options for producing live events, what is the difference between them?

When you produce live events on Teams, you can choose where your audio and camera feeds come from. Teams offers two ways to produce an event 1) As a “Teams” event in which you share content from presenters' webcams and computer screens, or 2) as a “Teams Encoder Event” in which audio and video feeds run through an encoder into the Teams live events platform. The encoder option requires an external app or device.

Can I embed Teams live event on Yammer or other sites?

Teams live event that are created using the external encoder option can be embedded elsewhere. (Currently, other types of Teams live events can't be embedded). To embed this type of Teams live event, the producer can select “Get embed HTML” upon setting up the event. This HTML code can be used to embed the event via an iFrame.

Does Teams live events support live translations?

No. However, Teams meetings currently support English to Spanish, and Spanish to English translations.

Who can watch Teams live events?

See the who can watch table.

Can I record Teams live events?


Where are Teams live events recordings stored?

Teams live events recordings are stored in the OneDrive of the organizer of the event, or the OneDrive of a producer in that same tenant if the organizer doesn't join. Yammer Events are stored in the SharePoint site of the community.

What is the maximum audience size and duration of Teams live event?

See the Teams live events capabilities chart here.