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Microsoft 365 Live Events Assistance (Public Preview)

What is the live events assistance program?

Live Events Assistance is a program designed to help you with your live events. Whether you are new to hosting live events, or just need some extra help. We can help you get more familiar with setting up and running a live event and be directly available during a live event to help if any questions or issues come up.

What does the program include?


Microsoft 365 live event limit increases

To continue supporting our customers' needs, through December 31, 2022, we will extend temporary limit increases for live events, including:

  • Event support for up to 20,000 attendees
  • 50 events can be hosted simultaneously across a tenant
  • Event duration of 16 hours per broadcast

Additionally, live events with up to 100,000 attendees can be planned through the Microsoft 365 live events assistance program. The team will assess each request and work with you to determine options that may be available. Learn more.

Before an event

  • Educate you on how Microsoft live events work across Teams, Yammer, and Stream (Classic)
  • Guide you to the service to use based on your needs
  • Review best practices for coordinating, producing, and running an event
  • Validate current setup and configuration
  • Plan logistics for rehearsal and upcoming event
  • Answer additional questions

Rehearsing for an event

  • Help producer check event setup and associated technology (where applicable)
  • Help producer run a test event to check audio/video feeds
  • Review producer and presenter controls
  • Answer questions from producer, event team, and stakeholders

During an event

  • Help producer check event setup and associated technology (where applicable)
  • Help producer check audio/video before going live
  • Available to answer producer/event team questions via chat/phone
  • If issues are identified, help provide next steps toward investigation and mitigation

What is not included in the program?

Due to the nature and complexity of live events that cross your corporate network, eCDN providers, encoders, cameras, Microsoft services, end users’ devices, and available bandwidth, the Microsoft live events assistance offering cannot guarantee that events won’t run into issues at one of the above layers.

Additionally, it is possible that we may not be able to mitigate the issue during your event. Your assigned live event assistance support engineer will proactively offer suggestions and best practices to avoid such situations and provide next steps toward mitigation if encountered.

How do I sign up?


Please give the team as much advance notice as possible. We require at least five (5) days’ notice to set up a custom live event.

  1. Create your new live event using Microsoft live events on Teams, Stream, or Yammer
  2. Provide us with as much advance notice as possible since capacity is limited during preview (first come, first serve)
  3. Fill out this form with specifics about the upcoming event: aka.ms/LiveEventAssist


    You might want to bookmark this page and/or include it in any pre-event planning information you send out to your team

  4. A live event assistant will contact you in 1-2 business days and try their best to accommodate your preferred date/time

What is the price of the program?

During preview, the program is free of charge for 4 hours of phone/chat assistance before, during, and after an event.

We require that all customers who participate in the program during the preview, fill out a feedback form after each engagement with our live assistance support team: aka.ms/LiveAssistFeedback.

Your feedback is very important to us as we determine what path this program should take in the future.

When is assistance available?

Our live events assistance support team is available for engagements (24/5),

Monday 09:00 AM PST through Friday 06:00 PM PST

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