The following information is about Microsoft Stream (Classic) which will eventually be retired and replaced by Stream (on SharePoint). To start using the newer video solution today, just upload your videos to SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, or OneDrive. Videos stored in Microsoft 365 the way you'd store any other file is the basis for Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint). Learn more...

Add storage to Microsoft Stream (Classic)

When your organization purchased Microsoft Stream, you received 500 GB of base storage and 0.5 GB of storage per licensed user. If you need extra storage for your Stream (Classic) content, you can purchase one or more 500-GB storage add-ons.


To purchase Microsoft Stream (Classic) add-on for an organization, you must be an Office 365 Global Tenant Admin or Billing Admin.

Buy the Stream (Classic) Storage Add-on

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 with your work or school account as a global admin. For more information, see sign in to Microsoft 365 for business.

  2. Select the Microsoft 365 App launcher icon app launcher icon. in the upper left and then select Admin.

  3. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to the Billing > Purchase Services page.

  4. On the Purchase Services page, scroll down to the Other categories that might interest you section at the bottom of the page and select Add-ons.

  5. Scroll down through the Add-ons products until you find the Microsoft Stream (Classic) Storage Add-on (500 GB) tile, and then select the Details button.

    Microsoft Stream (Classic) Storage Add-on tile.

  6. On the add-on details page, select the Buy button on the right.

    Microsoft Stream (Classic) Storage Add-on details page.

  7. Enter the number of add-on licenses that you need. Each license adds 500 GB of extra storage. Choose whether you want to pay each month or for the whole year.

    Microsoft Stream (Classic) Storage Add-on options page.

  8. Choose Check out now.

  9. Review the pricing information, and then choose Next.

  10. Provide your payment information, and then choose Place order > Go to Admin Home.

Remove your Stream (Classic) Storage Add-on subscription

You can cancel your Stream (Classic) Storage Add-on the same way that you cancel a subscription.