Stream Mobile App Retirement

As we continuously strive to improve and unify our services, the Microsoft Stream mobile app will be retiring on July 1st, 2024. But don't worry, this change brings you a more integrated and high-quality video experience in the flow of your everyday work.

Alternative Solutions

Microsoft Stream app capability Recommended Alternative Solution
Curate your favorites Manage your favorites directly in the enhanced M365 app. Easily access the content you value most and stay connected with your top picks.
Access and manage your videos Simplify and discover with OneDrive—your new go-to hub for all things video. Watch, record, share, and upload videos without missing a beat, all through the OneDrive mobile app.
Offline video access Take your videos wherever you go with the OneDrive mobile app's offline playback and download features, where policies permit.

For videos with download restrictions, we're exploring solutions to enhance your experience soon.