Stream start page in Microsoft 365

The basis for Stream (on SharePoint) is to have video files stored in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. The Stream video start page in Microsoft 365 lets users get back to those videos no matter where they uploaded them across Microsoft 365. It helps users:

  • find videos and Teams meeting recordings and quickly pickup where they left off
  • discover new content that was shared or is useful to them
  • create screen or web cam recordings
  • favorite videos to easily get back to them


Currently uploading video from Stream start page does not support files larger than 2GB. Please directly upload on SharePoint/OneDrive site.

To try out the experience go to:

Stream start page with recommended videos across the top and a list of videos below.

Screenshot of Stream camera where a woman is recording her screen and web cam with an arrow overlaid on the screen for emphasis on part of the screen

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