Stream Playlists


Microsoft 365 Playlists feature is built on top of Microsoft Lists template. It's backed by Stream on SharePoint. Now, you can arrange your video and audio files into a playlist for easy organization, sharing, and playback.

You can create playlists for -

  • An ongoing series of videos that keep getting a new media file added and viewers would want to find the latest content easily.

  • Organizing ‘similar’ media content for reference. This can be used to share with a wider audience or for personal consumption.

  • Creating and broadcasting podcasts.


How to create your first playlist?

Playlist is a new template supported in Microsoft List product. You can start creating a playlist from many places in Microsoft 365, like Stream start page, SharePoint site, or Microsoft List.

  1. Go to the Stream Start Page -

  2. Select Playlist from the Create new menu.

    Screenshot of Playlists creation.

  3. Add a name and description.

  4. Select the location where you want to save this list and select Create.

    Screenshot of Playlist create dialog box.

  5. The playlist is ready to use, and you can now start adding videos.

Alternatively, you can go to Microsoft List.

Screenshot of Create Playlists from Home site.

Select Playlist template and follow the same process to create a playlist.

Screenshot of list of Templates.

How to add videos to a Playlist?

You can add videos from your local files, OneDrive, or SharePoint document library. The following are different ways in which videos can be added to a playlist.

Add videos to playlist from list interface

  1. In the SharePoint site, select Add new item. Screenshot of Add new item.
  2. From the Pick files dialog box, select one or more videos to your playlist from within the playlist experience. Screenshot of pick files dialog box.

Add videos to playlist from Stream web app 

You can also choose to add a video that you're watching directly to a playlist. If you have the video in Stream web app, select Add to playlist on top. If you aren't in the web app, you can select the option to open in Stream to get there. You'll then have to add the video to the playlist from the picker or create a new one for the video. 

Screenshot of add to playlists from Stream web app.

Add videos to playlist from OneDrive or SharePoint Library 

You can also choose to add one video at a time to a playlist from your OneDrive My Files or SharePoint document library. Select the three dots for the file and select Add to playlist Screenshot of Add to playlists from SharePoint.

You can then add the video to the playlist from the picker or create a new one for the video. 

Screenshot of add to playlist dialog box.

While adding a particular video to a playlist, you can access the playlists from SharePoint sites and search for playlists as well.

Playlist search

What permissions are required to add to a playlist?

You must have owner/editor rights to a playlist to add videos to it. You need to at least have view access for a video before adding it to a playlist. Note, the added video may not be visible to users who don't have view access to it (even if they have view access to a playlist). For every video access has to be managed separately. 

Can you add multiple videos to a playlist?

While you're adding videos to the playlist within the list experience, you can select multiple videos from a specific location, like a folder or a document library in OneDrive or SharePoint by selecting Add new item Screenshot of selection of videos.

While you're adding videos from OneDrive or SharePoint document library, you can add videos to the playlist one by one. 

Can you add a video to multiple playlists?

If you have at least view permissions for the video and edit permission for the playlists where you want to add the video, you can add the video to all the playlists. However, you can't select multiple playlists and can only add one by one. 

Can you add other file types to a playlist?

You can add audio files to a playlist too, but no other formats besides audio and video are supported. 

Can you edit video metadata for a video in a playlist?

You can edit the video metadata for a playlist such as the title.   Screenshot of playlist metadata edit.

Changing metadata of the source file doesn't automatically reflect the changes in the playlist. To change the video title in a playlist, select the All Items view and edit the column fields.  Screenshot of all items view title edit. However, the original metadata of the video doesn't change with the changes made in the playlist, as it's referenced to the source file. 

How to share playlist with others? 

You can get a shareable link using Share in the Playlist view. Using permissions, you can make your playlist accessible to all or a limited set of people in your organization through the share dialog box.  Screenshot of share playlists. Note that sharing the playlist doesn’t give permissions to the videos that are a part of the playlist. If you have access to the playlist but don’t have access to videos, you need to request permission. If you want to make all videos accessible to everyone by default, then you need to change video permissions accordingly.  

How to request access to a playlist?

Select the link for playlist you don’t have access to. This takes you to the OneDrive and SharePoint request access experience where you can write a message and ask for access, which will be sent for approval to the playlist owner. 

How to request access to videos in a playlist? 

Videos users don't have access to are displayed with a ‘locked’ thumbnail. To get access, you can select the video and get a prompt to request access from the video owner.  Screenshot of request access to video in a playlist.

Can you reshare a playlist that you don’t own?

If you have view permissions to a playlist, and the playlist owner has enabled ‘shareable links’, you can reshare the playlist. If the playlist is shared with a specific set of viewers, you can't share it further. You can request the playlist owner to edit the sharing permissions. 

Where can you share your playlist? 

Playlists can be shared like any other file type in OneDrive and SharePoint using the share dialog box. You can generate a link with specific permissions, which can be copied and shared with the intended audience. You may also share the playlist to specific mail ids using the share dialog box. 

In addition to this, playlists within a SharePoint site can be embedded on pages using the list webpart.  Screenshot of share playlist from list web part.

How to publish a playlist to an entire team or organization?

To publish to a large audience, you can use the share dialog box by entering an org-wide or team-wide mailing list. Or, using the list webpart, playlists can be published to org-wide or team-wide SharePoint sites. Screenshot of publishing playlist to entire team.

If SharePoint sites aren't used in an organization, can playlists be shared to intranet sites? 

Yes, you can still share playlists using ‘shareable links' but you can't embed playlists in non-SharePoint sites. 

How to include a playlist in your teams channel?

To add playlist to teams channel, select Add new tab on a channel, select SharePoint and perform the following steps:

  1. Add a SharePoint site page to the channel, which has one or more playlists embedded using the list webpart.

  2. Add the list app and choose an existing playlist. Screenshot of playlists in teams channel.

Currently, only the All items view is supported for the same.

How to revoke access to an already shared playlist?

You can manage access for a shared playlist by -  

  1. Selecting the Playlist dropdown in the Playlist view.

  2. Switch to All Items view.

  3. Select the i icon.

  4. Select Manage Access to manage permissions for shared links or individual users.


  1. Select Share.

  2. Select Manage Access in the Share dialog box.

  3. Manage permissions for links or individuals who have access.  Screenshot of manage access.

Can viewers search for your playlist? 

Yes, users can search for playlists if it's saved in a shared location or if it was shared with them and they opened the ‘shared link’ at least once. The playlists can be searched through -  

Is it possible to know how many users have watched, favored, or subscribed to your playlist? 

Statistics are available for individual videos but not for playlists. 

How to edit the playlist’s content? 

You can select individual videos in a playlist and perform the following actions using options on the command bar -  

  • Delete the video.

  • Edit the video title (doesn't reflect in the video itself, the title of the video as displayed in the playlist changes).

How to change the order of videos in the playlist?

To change the order of videos in a playlist -  

  1. Switch from the Playlist view to the All Items view using the dropdown view switcher.

  2. In the All Items view, you need to add another column to the list. Screenshot of add new column.

  3. Add numbers in these columns by selecting Edit for all videos one at a time. Screenshot of adding numbers to the column.

  4. Edit current view and change the sort configuration to sort by the column as shown below. This reflects in the new view. Screenshot of sorting videos.

Can you add transcripts to all videos in a playlist? 

Yes, you can add transcripts to all videos in a playlist by opening the individual videos in Stream.

How to allow other team members to collaborate on the playlist? 

You can share a playlist with edit permissions to specific users which allow them to manage videos in a playlist. 

You can also save playlists in your team SharePoint sites where all team members have default edit access to the playlist. 

Where to find a playlist? 

Playlists created by users, or shared with users start appearing on Stream Start Page under the Quick Access section. Also, you can add a playlist as your favorite, and it appears under Favorites filter. Screenshot of playlist location.

Can you create your own playlist from multiple playlists?

No, you can't add videos directly from one playlist to another. You need to go to the source location of the file to do that. 

How to get updated when a new video is added to playlist? 

You can use the 'Alert me' option to subscribe to a playlist and get mail or text notifications -  

  1. Select Alert me from the top command bar in the playlist.

  2. Select rules to set when, where and to whom the change notifications come.

  3. Manage the frequency of notifications.

  4. Select Ok.

How to find videos inside a playlist? 

You can search for specific videos within a playlist by -  

  1. Switching to the All items view.

  2. Typing the video name in the top search bar.

Can you move to the next video while viewing in a playlist? 

Viewers can select the next video by selecting it in the playlist view, but currently there's no way to shift to the next video from within the playback experience. 

Can you resume from where you last left off in a playlist? 

No, currently a playlist has the first video selected by default every time you open it.

Can you turn off auto play? 

Auto play currently isn’t available in playlists.