Quotation marks

In most content, use double quotation marks (" ") not single quotation marks (' ').

In printed content, use curly quotation marks (“ ”) except in user input and code samples, which call for straight quotation marks (" "). If your project style sheet requires straight quotation marks with sans serif fonts, such as in headings, follow the style sheet.

In online content, use straight quotation marks.

Refer to quotation marks, opening quotation marks, and closing quotation marks. Don't call them quote marks, quotes, open or close quotation marks, or beginning or ending quotation marks.

Place closing quotation marks:

  • Outside commas and periods.
  • Inside other punctuation.

Exception If punctuation is part of the quoted material, place it inside the quotation marks.

One type of malware is called a "trojan clicker."
One type of malware, called a "trojan clicker," uses your PC to "click" online ads.
What is "gaze awareness"?
A reader asks, "How can I get Windows 10?"