Install and manage Surface Hub 3 Pack

The Surface Hub 3 Pack is a hardware upgrade that transforms your Surface Hub 2S device into a Surface Hub 3. To place an order, contact your Surface device reseller.

Install Surface Hub 3 Pack


  • A Surface Hub 2S, fully updated with the latest Windows Updates. By default, updates are installed automatically during nightly maintenance. To verify, go to All apps > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update, and install all updates.


You may need to restart the device and continue to check for available updates. Ensure the Surface Hub 2S's update history shows Microsoft Corporation - System Hardware Update - 5/24/2023 or a System Hardware Update with any newer date (for example, 3/1/2024).


Surface Hub 3 Pack runs Windows 11 IoT Enterprise and does not support downgrading to Windows 10 Team or Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise. (If needed, you can reinstall the old cartridge to resume using Surface Hub 2S).

Demo video

Review the following demo and follow the instructions on this page.

Detailed instructions

  1. Shut down Surface Hub 2S, unplug all cables, and slide the cover sideways.

Screenshot that indicates how to slide the cover sideways..

  1. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the retaining screw to detach the cartridge from Surface Hub 2S.

Screenshot that shows retaining screw to remove and allow you to pull out the old cartridge..

  1. Slide the compute cartridge out. You can use the return label in the Surface Hub 3 Pack packaging to send your old cartridge to Microsoft for recycling if desired.

Screenshot that shows how to slide the compute cartridge out of the unit

  1. Slide the Surface Hub 3 Pack into your Surface Hub.
  2. Fasten the locking screw and slide the cover into place. Power on your new Surface Hub 3.
  3. To complete setup, refer to the following articles:

Manage Surface Hub 3

If you manage Surface Hub 2S via Microsoft Intune or another mobile device management (MDM) provider, remove the device before installing Surface Pack 3.

  1. Sign into Microsoft Intune admin center, go to Devices > All devices, and select your Surface Hub 2S.
  2. Select Delete.

Screenshot that shows removal of Surface Hub 2S from Intune..

Surface Hub 2S Recycle Program

The Surface Hub 3 Pack packaging allows you to return your old Surface Hub 2S cartridge to Microsoft for recycling. To participate, remove the hard drive from the cartridge to protect your sensitive data and request a pre-paid shipping label.

Required removal of hard drive & corporate data

Before recycling your Surface Hub 2S cartridge, first remove the hard drive and delete any corporate data.

  1. You'll need the compute cartridge and a screwdriver.

Screenshot that shows compute cartridge and screwdriver.

  1. Remove the cover screw and the cover from the compute cartridge and then remove the solid state drive (SSD).

Screenshot that shows removal of cover screw and cover from the compute cartridge and removal of solid state drive (SSD).

Request a pre-paid shipping label

Select your country/region and follow the instructions to obtain a shipping label. If you upgraded to the Surface Hub 3 Pack, you can use its original packaging to ship the Surface Hub 2S cartridge for recycling.


Since both cartridges appear almost identical, we added two bumps to the edge of the Surface Hub 3 Pack cartridge. These bumps are located on the opposite side of the power socket, helping you differentiate between the two models.

Wallpaper installation

The latest Windows Bloom wallpaper is available for your Surface Hub 3 device or Pack. To learn more, see Install wallpaper on Surface Hub running Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows.

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