Surface Battery Limit setting

The Battery Limit option is a Surface UEFI setting that changes how the Surface device battery is charged and may prolong its longevity. This firmware setting (similar to BIOS) is recommended for devices intended to be always connected to power. Examples include devices configured for point of sale, RFID, and related kiosk scenarios. The Battery Limit UEFI setting is built into Surface devices by default including:

  • Surface Go and later
  • Surface Pro 7 and later
  • Surface Laptop 3 and later
  • Surface Book 3
  • Surface Laptop Studio
  • Surface Laptop Go
  • Surface Laptop Go 2
  • Surface Laptop SE

How it works

When you enable the Battery Limit setting, the battery stops charging when it reaches 50% of maximum charge capacity. If you enable Battery Limit when your device is more than 50% charged, the battery won't resume charging until it drops below 50% of maximum charge.

Enable Battery Limit via one of the following methods:

Modify Surface UEFI on an individual device

  1. Boot into Surface UEFI: Press Power + Vol Up when turning on the device.
  2. Choose Boot configuration > Advanced Options, and toggle Enable Battery Limit to On.
    Screenshot of Battery Limit Advanced options.


On Surface Go (all generations): Choose Boot configuration > Kiosk Mode, and move the slider to the right to set Battery Limit to Enabled.

Create a Surface UEFI configuration package for remote deployment to multiple devices

If you're an advanced IT admin, you can use Surface UEFI Configurator to modify Surface UEFI and remotely deploy it to multiple devices via Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM). Alternatively, you can use Surface UEFI Manager PowerShell scripts ( available from Surface Tools for IT.


To use SEMM, most eligible devices must be commercial SKUs, branded as "Surface for Business." For a complete list of compatible devices, see Supported devices.

Use Microsoft Surface UEFI Configurator

  1. Open UEFI Configurator.
  2. On the Advanced Settings configuration page, toggle the Kiosk Overrides setting to On.
  3. Toggle Battery Limit to On.

Screenshot of advanced settings showing option to enable Battery Limit.

Use Surface UEFI Manager PowerShell scripts

The battery limit feature is controlled via the following setting:

407 = Battery Profile

Description: Active management scheme for battery usage pattern

Default: 0

Configure setting to 1 to enable Battery Limit.

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