Surface Dock 2 overview

Surface Dock 2, the next-generation Surface dock, lets users connect external monitors and multiple peripherals for a fully modernized desktop experience from a Surface device. Built to maximize efficiency at the office, in a flexible workspace, or at home, Surface Dock 2 features seven ports, including two front-facing USB-C ports, with 15 watts of fast charging power for phones and accessories.

Full device management support

Surface Dock 2 is designed to simplify IT management, enabling admins to automate firmware updates using Windows Update or centralize updates with internal software distribution tools.

General system requirements

  • Windows 10 version 1809 and later. There's no support for Windows 7, Windows 8, or non-Surface host devices. Surface Dock 2 works with the following Surface devices:

    • Surface Pro (5th Gen) and later
    • Surface Laptop (all generations)
    • Surface Book 2 and later
    • Surface Go (all generations)
    • Surface Laptop Go (all generations)
    • Surface Laptop Studio (all generations)

Surface Dock 2 Components

Surface Dock 2 Components.


  • Two front-facing USB-C ports
  • Two rear-facing USB-C (gen 2) ports
  • Two rear-facing USB-A ports


  • Dual 4K@60Hz. Supports up to two displays on the following devices:

    • Surface Laptop Studio
    • Surface Laptop Studio 2
    • Surface Book 3
    • Surface Pro 8
    • Surface Pro 7
    • Surface Pro 7+
    • Surface Pro X
    • Surface Laptop 3
    • Surface Laptop 4
    • Surface Laptop 5
    • Surface Laptop 6
    • Surface Pro 9
    • Surface Pro 9 with 5G
    • Surface Pro 10
  • Dual 4K@30Hz. Supports up to two displays on the following devices:

    • Surface Pro 6
    • Surface Pro (5th Gen)
    • Surface Laptop 2
    • Surface Laptop (1st Gen)
    • Surface Go
    • Surface Go 2
    • Surface Go 3
    • Surface Book 2


  • 1-gigabit Ethernet port.

External Power supply

  • 199 watts supporting 100V-240V.

Compare Surface Dock

Table 1. Surface Dock and USB-C Travel Hub .

Component Surface Dock Surface Dock 2 USB-C Travel Hub
Surface Connect Yes Yes No
USB-A 2 front facing USB 3.1 Gen 1
2 rear facing USB 3.1 Gen 1
2 rear facing USB 3.2 Gen 2 (7.5W power) 1 USB 3.1 Gen 2
Mini Display port 2 rear facing (DP1.2) None None
USB-C None 2 front facing USB 3.2 Gen 2
(15W power)
2 rear facing USB 3.2 Gen 2 (DP1.4a)
(7.5W power)
1 USB 3.2 Gen 2
3.5 mm Audio in/out Yes Yes Yes
Ethernet Yes, 1 gigabit Yes 1 gigabit Yes, 1 gigabit
DC power in Yes Yes
Kensington lock Yes Yes
Surface Connect cable length 65 cm 80 cm 20 cm
Surface Connect host power 60 W 120 W N/A
USB load power 30 W 60 W
USB bit rate 5 Gbps 10 Gbps 10 Gbps
Monitor support 2 x 4K @30Hz, or
1 x 4K @60 Hz
2 x 4K @60 Hz
or 1 x 4K @120Hz
1 x 4K @ 60 Hz
Wake-on-LAN from Connected Standby Yes Yes Yes
Wake-on-LAN from S4/S5 sleep modes No Yes Yes
Network PXE boot Yes Yes Yes
SEMM host access control No Yes No
SEMM port access control1 No Yes No
Servicing support MSI Windows Update or MSI
  1. Software license required for some features. Sold separately.

Streamlined device management

Surface has released streamlined management functionality via Windows Update enabling IT admins to utilize the following enterprise-grade features:

  • Frictionless updates. Update your docks silently and automatically, with Windows Update or Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (formerly System Center Configuration Manager - SCCM) or other MSI deployment tools.
  • Wake from the network. Manage and access corporate devices without depending on users to keep their devices powered on. Even when a docked device is in sleep, hibernation, or power off mode, your team can wake from the network for service and management, using Endpoint Configuration Manager or other enterprise management tools.
  • Centralized IT control. Control who can connect to Surface Dock 2 by turning ports on and off. Restrict which host devices can be used with Surface Dock 2. Limit dock access to a single user or configure docks for access only by specific users in your team or across the entire company.

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