Surface System SKU reference

This document provides a reference that can be used for various IT tasks such as executing commands or installing drivers based on device model/SKU names. System Model and System SKU are variables stored in System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) tables in the UEFI layer of Surface devices. Use the System SKU name whenever you need to differentiate between devices with the same System Model name, such as Surface Pro and Surface Pro with LTE Advanced. SKUs listed in the following table refer to commercial devices unless labeled as Consumer.

Device System Model System SKU
Surface 3 Wi-Fi Surface 3 Surface_3
Surface 3 LTE AT&T Surface 3 Surface_3_US1
Surface 3 LTE Verizon Surface 3 Surface_3_US2
Surface 3 LTE North America Surface 3 Surface_3_NAG
Surface 3 LTE outside of North America and Y!mobile in Japan Surface 3 Surface_3_ROW
Surface Book 2 13" Surface Book 2 Surface_Book_1832
Surface Book 2 15" Surface Book 2 Surface_Book_1793
Surface Book 3 13" Surface Book 3 Surface_Book_3_1900
Surface Book 3 15" Surface Book 3 Surface_Book_3_1899
Surface Go Commercial Surface Go Surface_Go_1824_Commercial
Surface Go Consumer Surface Go Surface_Go_1824_Consumer
Surface Go LTE Commercial Surface Go Surface_Go_1825_Commercial
Surface Go 2 Commercial Surface Go 2 Surface_Go_2_1926
Surface Go 2 Consumer Surface Go 2 Surface_Go_2_1901
Surface Go 2 LTE Surface Go 2 Surface_Go_2_1927
Surface Go 3 Commercial Surface Go 3 Surface_Go_3_1926
Surface Go 3 Consumer Surface Go 3 Surface_Go_3_1901
Surface Go 3 LTE Surface Go 3 Surface_Go_3_2022
Surface Hub 2S 50" Surface Hub 2S Surface Hub 2S
Surface Hub 2S 85" Surface Hub 2S Surface Hub 2S 85
Surface Laptop Surface Laptop Surface_Laptop
Surface Laptop 2 Commercial Surface Laptop 2 Surface_Laptop_2_1769_Commercial
Surface Laptop 2 Consumer Surface Laptop 2 Surface_Laptop_2_1769_Consumer
Surface Laptop 3 13" Intel Surface Laptop 3 Surface_Laptop_3_1867:1868
Surface Laptop 3 15" AMD Surface Laptop 3 Surface_Laptop_3_1873
Surface Laptop 3 15" Intel Surface Laptop 3 Surface_Laptop_3_1872
Surface Laptop 4 13" AMD Surface Laptop 4 Surface_Laptop_4_1958:1959
Surface Laptop 4 13" Intel Surface Laptop 4 Surface_Laptop_4_1950:1951
Surface Laptop 4 15" AMD Surface Laptop 4 Surface_Laptop_4_1952:1953
Surface Laptop 4 15" Intel Surface Laptop 4 Surface_Laptop_4_1978:1979
Surface Laptop 5 13" Consumer Surface Laptop 5 Surface_Laptop_5_1950:1951
Surface Laptop 5 13" Commercial Surface Laptop 5 Surface_Laptop_5_for_Business_1950:1951
Surface Laptop 5 15" Consumer Surface Laptop 5 Surface_Laptop_5_1979
Surface Laptop 5 15" Commercial Surface Laptop 5 Surface_Laptop_5_for_Business_1979
Surface Laptop Go Surface Laptop Go Surface_Laptop_Go_1943
Surface Laptop Go 2 Surface Laptop Go 2 Surface_Laptop_Go_2_2013
Surface Laptop SE Surface Laptop SE Surface Laptop SE
Surface Laptop Studio Surface Laptop Studio Surface_Laptop_Studio_1964
Surface Pro (5th Gen) Surface Pro Surface_Pro_1796
Surface Pro with LTE Advanced (5th Gen) Surface Pro Surface_Pro_1807
Surface Pro 6 Commercial Surface Pro 6 Surface_Pro_6_1796_Commercial
Surface Pro 6 Consumer Surface Pro 6 Surface_Pro_6_1796_Consumer
Surface Pro 7 Surface Pro 7 Surface_Pro_7_1866
Surface Pro 7+ Surface Pro 7+ Surface_Pro_7+_1960
Surface Pro 7+ LTE Surface Pro 7+ Surface_Pro_7+_with_LTE_Advanced_1961
Surface Pro 8 Surface Pro 8 Surface_Pro_8_for_Business_1983
Surface Pro 8 Consumer Surface Pro 8 Surface_Pro_8_1983
Surface Pro 8 LTE Surface Pro 8 Surface_Pro_8_for_Business_with_LTE_Advanced_1982
Surface Pro 9 Consumer Surface Pro 9 Surface_Pro_9_2038
Surface Pro 9 Commercial Surface Pro 9 Surface_Pro_9_for_Business_2038
Surface Pro 9 with 5G (U.S.) Surface Pro 9 Surface_Pro_9_With_5G_1997
Surface Pro 9 with 5G (outside of U.S.) Surface Pro 9 Surface_Pro_9_With_5G_1996
Surface Pro X with SQ1 processor Surface Pro X Surface_Pro_X_1876
Surface Pro X with SQ2 processor Surface Pro X Surface_Pro_X_H_1876
Surface Pro X (Wi-Fi) Surface Pro X Surface_Pro_X_2010
Surface Studio Surface Studio Surface_Studio
Surface Studio 2 Surface Studio 2 Surface_Studio_2_1707_Commercial
Surface Studio 2+ Surface Studio 2+ Surface_Studio_2+_2028


Retrieving the SKU by using PowerShell
Use the following PowerShell command to pull the System SKU information:

(Get-CimInstance -Namespace root\wmi -ClassName MS_SystemInformation).SystemSKU

Retrieving the SKU by using System Information
You can also find the System SKU and System Model for a device in System Information. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Select Start, and then type MSInfo32 in the search box.
  2. Select System Information.

Using the SKU in a task sequence WMI condition
You can use the System SKU information in the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) or Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager as part of a task sequence WMI condition.

   - WMI Namespace – Root\WMI
   - WQL Query – SELECT * FROM MS_SystemInformation WHERE SystemSKU = "Surface_Pro_1796"

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