Hex2dec v1.1

By Mark Russinovich

Published: July 4, 2016

Download Download Hex2dec (578 KB)


Tired of running Calc to convert between hexadecimal and decimal? Now you can with this simple command-line utility.

Usage: hex2dec [hex|decimal]

Include x or 0x as the prefix of the number to specify a hexadecimal value.
e.g. To translate 1233 decimal to hexadecimal: hex2dec 1233
e.g. To translate 0x1233 hexadecimal to decimal: hex2dec 0x1233

Download Download Hex2dec (578 KB)

Runs on:

  • Client: Windows Vista and higher
  • Server: Windows Server 2008 and higher
  • Nano Server: 2016 and higher