NotMyFault v4.21

By Mark Russinovich

Published: September 29, 2022

Download Download NotMyFault (1.4 MB)


Notmyfault is a tool that you can use to crash, hang, and cause kernel memory leaks on your Windows system. It’s useful for learning how to identify and diagnose device driver and hardware problems, and you can also use it to generate blue screen dump files on misbehaving systems. The download file includes 32-bit and 64-bit versions, as well as a command-line version that works on Nano Server. Chapter 7 in Windows Internals uses Notmyfault to demonstrate pool leak troubleshooting and Chapter 14 uses it for crash analysis examples.


NotMyFault screenshot


You can use the GUI versions or the command-line version. Notmyfault requires administrative privileges.


notmyfaultc.exe crash crash_type_num

    crash type:
      0x01: High IRQL fault (Kernel-mode)
      0x02: Buffer overflow
      0x03: Code overwrite
      0x04: Stack trash
      0x05: High IRQL fault (User-mode)
      0x06: Stack overflow
      0x07: Hardcoded breakpoint
      0x08: Double Free

Or  notmyfaultc.exe hang hang_type_num

    hang type:
      0x01: Hang with IRP
      0x02: Hang with DPC

Download Download NotMyFault (1.4 MB)