Sysinternals Licensing FAQ

Published: September 28, 2009

How many copies of Sysinternals utilities may I freely load or use on computers owned by my company?

There is no limit to the number of times you may install and use the software on your devices or those you support.

May I distribute Sysinternals utilities in my software, on my website, or with my magazine?

No. We are not offering any distribution licenses, even if the 3rd party is distributing them for free. We encourage people to download the utilities from our download center where they can be assured to get the most recent version of the utility.

Can I license or re-use any Sysinternals source code?

No. We will no longer offer the Sysinternals source code for download or license.

Will the Sysinternals tools continue to be freely available?

Yes, Microsoft has no plans to remove or charge for these tools.

Is there technical support available for the Sysinternals tools?

No. All Sysinternals tools are offered 'as is' with no official Microsoft support. We do maintain a Sysinternals dedicated community support forum: