What are online lessons?

Online lessons are a very effective and popular form of lessons.

All online lessons are connected through a live video platform, where you and the teacher have an interactive lesson.  These are not pre-recorded videos, but an actual teacher conducting the lesson in real time.  You have the ability to ask questions, get feedback, and make a great personal connection with your teacher.

Our online lesson students rave about their experience when taking online lessons. Here are the reasons students love it:

  • Convenience; no travel time -  You can take lessons from anywhere you have an internet connection! No more commuting to and from lessons, or battling traffic.  Take lessons from the convenience of your home.
  • Work with our top instructors across the country - Online lessons lets you find a teacher who is perfect for you, regardless where you live.  Don’t settle or limit your potential. Take lessons with our most popular teachers across the nation!
  • Tools to learn and improve - We have our own video platform integrated right into your online student account!  This makes it easy to connect with your instructor. In addition, you can easily record your lessons for easy playback and review.  This allows you to review the lesson at a later time and continue learning after the lesson ends.
  • Improved results - a study found that student performance increased more than 22% in online lessons compared to in-person lessons.

Check out what some of our online students have to say about their lesson experience:

  • Convenient
  • I don't have to leave the house!
  • I can learn with the best instructors no matter how far they are from me
  • I still get the personal touch
  • Easy to set up
  • My teacher is phenomenal
  • Fun
  • I save on gas and travel time
  • Getting started was simple
  • Less expensive and more convenient
  • Great instructor!

Go to www.takelessons.com to view our top online instructors, or give us a call at 877-231-8505 if you'd like help picking out the perfect instructor.