My student seemed ready to book lessons, then disappeared. What gives?

There are many factors that go into making the decision to purchase lessons

Though we hope every student books, sometimes they are just browsing their options, not ready to commit, have not been responsive to our attempts to reach them, or are looking at multiple teachers and may have gone with someone else.

While there is just no way to tell exactly why the student that you have replied to is not booking. There are some things that may help encourage them.

Respond within 3 hours.

  • That's when students are most likely to book lessons, so the sooner you reply, the better. The quality and speed of your answer can determine whether or not they book lessons with you.
  • Data shows that the faster you respond to student questions, the more likely they are to book lessons with you! In fact, if you wait longer than 24 hours to respond to your potential student, your chances of getting that student drop by 50%.

Be concise and thoughtful with your response

  • Students feel more secure about setting up lessons before meeting the teacher after they get some of their questions answered first. With this tool, you have the chance to provide information that they need to know before getting started, so it is more likely that they will book with you.
  • Even if the student doesn't book now they may revisit lessons in the future and they'll remember your feedback.

Keep your tone inviting and professional

  • Sometimes students are just browsing their options or may be looking at multiple teachers. Your response gives you a chance to create a good first impression and may ultimately be the deciding factor once they are ready to commit.

Encourage them to book with you

  • Some students may be ready to purchase but don’t know how to proceed. Once you feel they are ready to book offer them a little encouragement by asking them to click the green Get Started button below your response.
  • You can also ask the student to give us a call at (877) 231-8505 Monday - Friday 8am-6pm Pacific time and one of our friendly new student counselors would be happy to assist. While we do not allow personal contact information to be passed through Ask A Question we have made sure that all TakeLessons phone numbers and links are able to pass through our filters.


Keep your hopes up

Ultimately, it is a numbers game and every response does matter. While each inquiry may not lead to a new student the ability to speak with you prior to purchasing increases the odds that they will book lessons. Just because they are not ready now, doesn't mean they won't be at a later date.

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