How do I know if a student used TakeLessons Promotions?

How do I know if a student found me through TakeLessons Promotions?

TakeLessons Promotions is a feature that helps teachers gain more exposure and popularity by discounting lesson prices for new students. Partners who have TakeLessons Promotions turned “on” will be featured in limited-time promotional campaigns which are targeted to help more new students book with them.

When a new student finds you through TakeLessons Promotions, TakeLessons shares the discount cost with you for the student’s first package of lessons (never more than 5). For each Promotional student, you can see how much you’re earning per Promotional lesson, and how many Promotional lessons they have left.

When accepting a new student

If your new student found you through TakeLessons Promotions, you’ll see an Earnings screen that breaks down your earnings per Promotional lesson.


From your Roster, view the student’s Details page

Once you’ve accepted your new student, you’ll be taken to their Details page in your Roster. In the Overview tab, you can see how many Promotional lessons the student has left, and how much you’ll earn for each lesson.


When a student has no Promotional lessons remaining, your earnings tier will increase, and the Promotions description will disappear.

In your student’s Calendar

After you have accepted your student, you can view or schedule their Promotional lessons from their Student Details page. To open a student’s Details page, open your Roster, then click on the student’s name in your Roster list.


In the student’s Details page, open the Calendar tab. Any Promotional lessons shown under Scheduled Lessons will have a small question mark next to Earnings. If you hover over this, it will say “This lesson was discounted through TakeLessons Promotions.”


When marking a Promotional lesson

The last way to view if a student received a promotional rate is by marking lessons. Once a lesson is marked as attended, you will see what you earned for that date.



In the Details for any Promotional lesson you marked

After you mark a lesson that was purchased with a Promotional discount, a hover-able question mark will appear next to the Earned amount.


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