What is your lesson cancellation policy? - Teacher Support

We follow a 24-hour cancellation policy

All TakeLessons students are expected to give their teachers at least 24 hours' notice of a lesson cancellation to be eligible for a reschedule. If you do not receive proper notice, ultimately it is at your discretion how to mark the lesson.  

  • Marking the lesson as Missed pays you for your time and the student forfeits the paid lesson.
  • Canceling the lesson will allow the student to reschedule the lesson; they will keep their paid lesson credit and you will not get paid for this particular lesson.


For Online Lessons

If the student has not joined the Classroom within the first 5-10 minutes of the class, it is our expectation that you give the student a call to see if they are having trouble connecting. You can find your student's contact information from the Roster page of your teacher account. 

We also ask that you discuss a backup platform before the first class, just in case you run into technical difficulties that are out of your control. Examples of backups would be Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts. 

If you do not receive a response and the student has not joined the class by the 15-minute mark, the class can be marked as Missed so that you are compensated for your time.