How do I add a headline to my subjects?

Stand out from the crowd, add a headline!

Subject-specific headlines help you capture students’ attention in each unique skill you teach. In 100 characters or less, write a headline that describes your expertise specific to this subject.


This text will appear in search results when students look for a teacher in this field, and will be displayed on your subject-specific profile. Make sure to include what students can expect to learn, as well as what sets you apart, from your experience to level of degree, certifications, job title, or professional background.


Learn piano fast from an expert teacher with 30+ years experience

Discover French language in engaging lessons with a Paris local

Ace the SAT: get customized test prep with a college professor

Improve your Spanish: friendly teacher with Phd in linguistics

Practice sewing with a professional fashion designer

How do I add a headline?

STEP 1 Log in to your TakeLessons account and go to the Profile page.  Then navigate to the Subjects tab to see what Subjects you've indicated that you teach.

Click the pencil icon next to any of your subjects to V****iew or Edit the information.  


STEP 2 Under the Profile Info tab, you can add or update your headline at anytime. This information will appear at the top of your profile when a student searches for that subject and views your profile.

Video tutorial