How do I add, edit, or remove photos / videos on my profile?

Make changes from the Profile page in your account 

Adding photos and videos to your TakeLessons teacher profile is a great idea! Students are much more likely to book lessons with teachers who post engaging photos and videos on their profiles.  


To add, edit, or remove photos and videos, log into your TakeLessons account and click the navigation link to go to your Profile page.  From the Profile page, scroll down to the Photos and Videos section to upload or remove content from your TakeLessons profile. It can take up to two hours to update on the public website. A picture can say a thousand words, and a video can say even more--so we recommend highlighting photos that help future students gain the confidence to book lessons with you.  

Note that any updates that are made to your TakeLessons profile will be updated on your public page within 4 to 24 hours


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