What goes into a great class intro?

The first few minutes of your Live class set the tone for your session. This is when you can captivate learners and help students feel comfortable. Here's your guide to starting a class with momentum.

Greet students by name and start class on time.

Saying hello to students in attendance by name is a great way for students to feel welcome. As a courtesy to the students who logged in on time, be sure to start class at the scheduled start time. If you see that a student reached a milestone, share it with the class.

Cover the class objectives.

Quickly share with students what they will learn, or the type of activities the class entails. You could also mention a fun fact they will learn if they stay until the end.

Review the classroom controls.

Tell students how to grab your attention if they have questions or would like to volunteer. If students do not have their video on, request them to enable video for the best experience. Students may feel more comfortable if you tell the class that you always request permission before spotlighting students.

Encourage students to be present.

Before you dive into class, encourage students to remain present until the end. You could recommend silencing their cell phones or writing notes of encouragement in chat for other students.

Here are a few examples of class introductions from classes with our top-performing instructors: