What if I can no longer teach a group class?

Book a private student? Have a schedule conflict?

Instructors are responsible for attending each class on their calendars. We strongly encourage instructors to triple-check their schedules prior to adding events to their calendars. If you are unable to attend a scheduled class, it is your responsibility to cancel the event through your Live Studio account. It is essential to the continuation of Live Studio for instructors to be on time and respectful of class start times. For more information about our group class attendance policy, click here.

How to Cancel a Class

  1. Navigate to the Calendar section of Live Studio and select the class you wish to cancel.


  1. Be sure to click OK on the web browser pop-up window.


You will receive an email once your class is canceled.

Video Tutorial

Rescheduling Classes

You may also submit a request to reschedule a class by emailing tl-live-scheduling@takelessons.com. Classes can be rescheduled with at least 24-hour advance notice.