What are some ways I can motivate my students who are struggling to learn?

We know that every student comes with unique challenges for staying motivated with lessons.  Here are a few tips we’ve collected if your student is struggling!


Common challenges:

  • Shorter attention spans

  • Some students pushed into lessons by parents

Try the following to keep kids engaged:


Common challenges:

  • Not always self-disciplined, parents may not be involved in practice

Try some of the following to keep teens engaged:

  • Find out what their interests are before the first lesson and make an effort to connect with them

  • Discuss goals together and show them that you’re on board

  • Don’t be afraid to hold students accountable for practicing - it’s because you care about their progress


Common challenges:

  • Frustration that comes with learning a new skill

  • Fear that their age will deter their success

  • Nerves

Try some of the following to keep adults engaged:

  • Lighten the mood to make them feel comfortable

  • Make your lessons a safe place to let go of their inhibitions

  • Don’t make assumptions about what they know and do not know