What is a guardian?

Guardians manage and pay for lessons.

A Guardian account is the account that pays for lessons, and sometimes manages the schedule, on a Dependent account. Usually, a Guardian is a family member, spouse, or friend of the Dependent.

Guardians have access to their own free TakeLessons accounts, where they can pay for their dependents' lessons, view and edit billing information, and, keep track of the lesson schedule. Guardians receive billing reminder emails and schedule notifications. Dependents have their own accounts, too, and can receive all the same reminders, except for billing notifications.

Unless a guardian is taking lessons of their own with you, they will appear underneath their dependent's name in your Roster. When a student has a guardian, the guardian's contact information will display on your roster, unless the student has their own contact information.


When a student has a guardian, their Student Details page will show their guardian's name, and will call out whether contact information belongs to their guardian.


Add a guardian to a private clients

If a student books with you through TakeLessons, it won't be possible to add or edit their guardian information. The following steps apply to private (non-TakeLessons) students only:

1. Find your private client in your roster

Log in to your teacher account, open your Roster (shown above), and find your private student.

Click on the student's name link to open their Student Details page.

2. In Student Details, open Settings

In your student's Details page, click Settings. 

In Settings, click Add Guardian.


3. Add Guardian and contact information

In the Add Guardian sidepane, choose Existing to select a student already on your roster, who will act as your private client's guardian.

Choose New to create a new guardian, and enter contact information.

If you check Send Welcome email, the guardian will be emailed a link to set up their own TakeLessons account, where they can manage the schedule of lessons for their dependent. 

(Note: You will handle all billing for your private students, even those who set up TakeLessons accounts.)


4. Edit or remove guardians as needed

If your student has contact information of their own, their guardian's contact information will appear at the bottom of their Student Details page.


You can edit or remove a guardian for your private students any time, from the Settings tab in your student's Details page.



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