F# docs are now on docs.microsoft.com

This post was written by Jeff Sandquist, General Manager in the Cloud + Enterprise Division.

Today we are announcing the release of F# documentation on docs.microsoft.com. A while ago we talked about making the F# documentation open-source, and in an effort to accelerate contributions and growth, we have moved it to its permanent home, joining our family of documents covering language and tools on the .NET platform.

General Changes

In terms of workflow, we did not change the approach - just like you could contribute before, you can do so today, just within a different repository.

Among the bigger things, the appearance of F# documentation now fits the style and theming of the docs.microsoft.com experience.

Here is what you previously saw on MSDN:

Old F# experience

Here is what you will see on docs.microsoft.com:

New F# experience

You can find the F# documentation within the F# Language Reference node:

F# navigation

As with any other documentation set on docs.microsoft.com, the F# articles can now take advantage of all the new features that we are working within the site, including the ability to switch themes, easily share content in one click and use the built-in modern comment system.

Moving Forward

While we took the first step in moving the F# documentation to docs.microsoft.com, there is still more work to be done. As you might have noticed, a big part is not yet there - the API reference for F#.

We are actively working on creating the tools necessary to automate the creation of reference docs for F# the same way we have done for .NET. At this time, the API docs for F# will live within our MSDN experience.

Because the API reference documentation for F# will undergo a significant overhaul, we will stop accepting contributions in the Visual F# documentation repository effective immediately. Instead, you are welcome to contribute to F# documents in the .NET documentation repository.

Stay tuned for more updates and don't hesitate to give us feedback on our experience!