Announcing MSDN Code Gallery Retirement

This post was written by April Speight, Senior Program Manager, Interactive Features.

The MSDN Code Gallery has served as the platform for browsing and submitting developer sample code. However, we have come to recognize areas of improvement for the code gallery experience to include:

  • No source control for code
  • Not responsive on mobile
  • Hard to manage releases
  • No way for the community to contribute to samples

Given the recent launch of the new code samples experience, we are beginning the process to retire the MSDN Code Gallery.

Prepare for Retirement

Please note that as of today, the MSDN Code Gallery is in Read Only mode. You will not be able to submit new samples, requests or edit existing samples with the exception of a new field created to share the new location of your code sample.

MSDN Code Gallery retirement announcement banner

If you did not submit code samples to the MSDN Code Gallery, then there is no further action for you to take. However, if you submitted code samples to the MSDN Code Gallery, you can prepare by completing the following steps below:

  1. Log in to the MSDN Code Gallery and export your code by downloading it directly from the gallery. MSDN Code Gallery sample_download_button
  2. Move your code to your own repository outside the MSDN Code Gallery. Although you could move your code into any repository of your choice, we recommend uploading your code to GitHub to make it discoverable by other people.
  3. Update the location of your sample in the new Migration section on the edit screen in the Code Gallery.

MSDN Code Gallery edit sample page migration section

Please note that we will not be redirecting your code to other locations automatically. After the deadline, we will export all code samples into an archived GitHub repository. A link to the archived GitHub repository will be provided in a later post after the MSDN Code Gallery is retired.


When will the new code sample browser launch?

The new code sample browser launched July 29, 2019. You can visit the new experience at

Will support be available for archived code samples?

Unfortunately, we will not offer further support for archived code samples.

Will a list of archived code samples be provided?

You will be able to find all archived code samples in the archived GitHub repository.

What should I do if I miss the deadline to export my code?

All code will be archived to a pre-defined GitHub repository. Customers will be able to find all the code that was previously on the MSDN Code Gallery within the archived GitHub repository.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please provide feedback on

We are excited to bring you a new code samples browser experience! Additional information and updates will be provided as we get closer to retiring the MSDN Code Gallery.