Microsoft Learn Career Connected

Microsoft partners and customers need people who have the skills to help expand their business. With the knowledge you’ve acquired from the classroom or in your career so far, we can help you get the technical skills you need, meet the employers that are hiring, and get the job you want.

Four steps to your new or next career

Microsoft Learn Career Connected currently brings together job seekers and companies looking for people interested in Dynamics 365, Azure, security/cybersecurity, Data, AI, or Power Platform.

  • Explore Career Paths

    Learn about different careers and the learning needed to develop the skills to be successful.

  • Get Prepared

    Get prepared for your next role through different programs to fit your learning style and schedule.

  • Get Connected

    Connect directly with Microsoft partners and customers looking to hire people with recently acquired skills in Microsoft technologies.

Step 1: Explore career paths

Microsoft technologies are used by our customers and partners to run everything from your local coffee shop to building spaceships. Functional consultants, data analysts, security engineers, as well as developers, are just some of the roles that are in high demand. Whatever your interests, let us help you find the right career path for you.

Image of a path in an open field symbolizing career paths.

Step 2: Get prepared

Our Microsoft Learn Career Connected program provides a variety of methods that allow you to level up your skills to prepare for your new career path.  Whether you prefer to learn on your own via Microsoft Learn or want to connect with organizations that recruit and train, learning partners, local universities, nonprofits, or other programs that can help you prepare for your new career.

  • FDM

    We recruit, train and deploy individuals to work with our clients around the world, creating careers.

  • Catalyte

    Our programs offer life-changing opportunities for anyone, regardless of background or prior experience.

  • Revolent

    Our two-year program combines training, certification, and paid work experience with our clients. And best of all—you get paid through it all.

  • Modern Talent Hub

    Find your ideal Business Applications career in the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem in Spain, Denmark, Norway, or Sweden.

  • Experis Manpower Group

    Every day, we connect people to meaningful work across a wide range of skills and industries helping to power the success of clients around the world.

  • Microsoft Military Affairs

    Transform your military experience into a career in IT. MSSA offers 17-week technical training customized for in-demand careers.

  • General Assembly

    We are pioneers in education and career transformation, specializing in today's most in-demand skills.

  • Akkodis

    We help companies by offering comprehensive tech and engineering expertise and end-to-end talent management services to gain a competitive edge.

  • TechFluent

    Our mission is to reduce income inequality in under-resourced communities across the United States by training and mentoring the next generation of tech rockstars.

  • 365 Talent Portal

    Your trusted guide to Microsoft Career Success. Build your career plan, get trained flexibly and be empowered to find a job.

  • University of Arizona

    The College of Applied Science and Technology's Applied Computing program prepares you with critical skills to lead and innovate in the IT industry.

  • foundit

    foundit, formerly Monster, is a global platform that brings together job seekers and employers.

Step 3: Optimize your LinkedIn profile

This LinkedIn Learning course will show you how to make the most of your LinkedIn account. Learn how to build a stellar LinkedIn profile, expand your network, look for new career opportunities, and get noticed by employers.

LinkedIn Learning logo

Step 4: Get connected

Join our dedicated LinkedIn community to access resources, share insights and experiences, and meet Microsoft partners and customers in the group that are looking to hire people who have recently acquired skills in Dynamics 365, Azure, security/cybersecurity, Data, AI, or Power Platform.

Meet the Microsoft customers and partners looking to hire you

In the United States

  • Hitachi

    Find your perfect passion—and make a difference. Your talent and desire plus or global commitment equals a better planet.

  • Wipfli

    Our mission is to enable individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential, empowered by the security of a stable foundation.

  • Stoneridge Software

    Our mission at Stoneridge is to help clients win – through intentional leadership, thoughtful teaching, and eye-opening possibilities.

  • JourneyTEAM

    JourneyTEAM helps businesses scale and reduce costs with the effective use of technology.

  • Western Computer

    We believe that innovation should never stop, nor should our commitment to the success of our customers.

  • Mazars

    We take pride in empowering our people, clients and industry to achieve their potential and do the right thing. 


    We are a dynamic organization that offers growth opportunities and a strong ethical culture.

  • Avantiico

    As a Microsoft Gold Partner based in the US, Avantiico helps enterprise organizations move, operate, and innovate in the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Alithya

    A trusted leader in strategy and digital transformation, employing a dedicated and highly skilled workforce of 3,900 professionals worldwide.

  • Forvis LLP

    We are FORVIS: Client-focused accounting and advisory services that help drive business forward.

  • Atmosera

    Recognized global leader in Azure: AppDev, DataMod, Managed Azure & Security services.

In other parts of the world

  • Innofactor

    We build services and solutions that help our customers succeed and make work and life better across the Nordics.

  • HSO

    We help companies modernize business operations—accelerating the impact of digital transformation.

  • Prodware

    We empower our customers to deliver high performance through our unique end-to-end value proposition that spans from business consulting to managed services leveraging Microsoft’s advanced technology.

  • Columbus

    Our goal is to be our clients' trusted digital advisors by creating more value in our customers' digital transformation journey and to develop life-time partnerships.

  • Scales A/S

    SCALES is the largest Nordic Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner.

  • Infoavan

    Infoaván is a Spanish Microsoft Gold Partner company, located in Madrid that was born in 2004 and offers technology consulting services, information systems

  • Axazure

    We're changing the way of doing consultancy by inspiring our clients and our professionals with a new level of customer and employee experience.

Microsoft Learn Career Connected FAQ

What is Microsoft Learn Career Connected?

Microsoft Learn Career Connected is a program designed to address the talent gap at scale by recruiting, training, and placing job seekers worldwide. In our current phase of the program, the Microsoft Learn Career Connected is focused on supporting individuals who are exploring careers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft partners in the United States and Western Europe.

Will there be additional phases of the program?

Yes, we anticipate that Microsoft Learn Career Connected will expand to include additional areas and countries as well as different careers aligned to Microsoft technologies and services.

What type of job seekers can join Microsoft Learn Career Connected?

Whether you have experience, are looking for a career change, finishing up college/ university/ polytechnic/ community college, or are just starting from scratch, there is an opportunity for you. This program is intended to support the development of individuals new to the Microsoft Dynamics space – individuals with less than six months of professional experience with Microsoft Dynamics.

What Microsoft Dynamics 365 roles are the focus of this initial phase of the program?

In this phase of the program, we're focused on two roles:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant
  2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Functional Consultant
What are the requirements for joining the Microsoft Learn Career Connected?
  1. I have less than six months of professional experience with Microsoft Dynamics
  2. I have earned a trophy by completing a Microsoft Dynamics learning path, and this trophy is posted on the licenses and certifications section of my LinkedIn profile;
  3. I have received access to the “Get Started with LinkedIn - LinkedIn Video Tutorial”, and I have updated my LinkedIn profile in accordance with such tutorial;
  4. I have earned, or may one day earn, one Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification; and
  5. I understand that I may remain in this Career Connected Group for no more than six (6) months. After six (6) months, I will be removed from the Career Connected Group and graduated into the Dynamics tech community.
What is the cost of joining Microsoft Learn Career Connected?

There is no cost. It is free.

What are the benefits of joining Microsoft Learn Career Connected?

Through Microsoft Learn Career Connected, you have the opportunity to connect with employers in the Microsoft ecosystem as well as training, placement, and recruiting partners who can help you grow your skills and land a job.

Within the Microsoft Talent Community on LinkedIn you will learn about job postings, opportunities to attend training events, and job fairs. Further, our community moderator will guide you towards developing the skills you need and presenting your profile in a way that will help you land a job.

Why is Microsoft Learn Career Connected hosted in a LinkedIn private group?

LinkedIn Groups provide a place for individuals to share their insights and experiences, ask for guidance, and build valuable connections. Because this group is hosted on LinkedIn, you're subject to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

As we're within the LinkedIn platform, this means that individuals in the group may review your profile information. Further, you may also review the profile information of other group members as well as the employers, training, placement, and recruiting partners that are a part of the group.

Do I need to create a profile to access content on Microsoft Learn?

Although profile creation is not required to access Microsoft Learn content, you will need to create a profile using a personal Microsoft Account (example: email with outlook or Hotmail domain) in order to track your course progress. You can have up to five school/work accounts and one personal account linked to your profile.

To link your accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your existing profile
  2. Navigate to the profile page
  3. Click the Settings tab
  4. Under Account Management, + click "Add account"
  5. Sign in with the account you're linking to complete

If you receive a message saying, "you're about to merge these two profiles," it means the account you're linking already has registered a profile. As you continue, you can merge your user data from both profiles together. Review the Microsoft Learn FAQ topic “Can I merge two profiles of mine into one?” for more details. Remember: each profile can have one personal account and up to five work or school accounts linked.

What is the Microsoft ecosystem?

The Microsoft ecosystem is made up of a network of companies that we work with to meet our customers’ business needs. This network is made up of partner firms, independent software vendors, and third-party providers leading digital transformation.

What is the cost of working with the training, placement, and recruiting partners that are a part of Microsoft Learn Career Connected?

Microsoft is not involved in determining any costs or fees associated with the training, placement, and recruiting partners. Some are free, some have a cost, and some will pay you. You will need to work with the individual program.

How can I get additional help?

There are several ways of gaining additional help for your questions related to Microsoft Learn Career Connected while you're on the Microsoft Learn site. The Training and certification help page has a list of common issues and a feedback channel, which allows you to log issues while learning. You can search for specific tags or issues in the Q&A forum. For specific support questions you may have of the workforce development programs, learning partners, local universities, or non-profit organizations that are a part of this program, you will need to reach out to them.