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Training for Data Analysts

Microsoft Learn helps you discover the tools and skills you need to become a data analyst.

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What is a data analyst?

A data analyst enables businesses to maximize the value of their data assets through visualization and reporting tools. They're also responsible for profiling, cleaning, and transforming data. Their responsibilities also include designing and building scalable and effective data models, and enabling and implementing the advanced analytics capabilities into reports for analysis. A data analyst works with the pertinent stakeholders to identify appropriate and necessary data and reporting requirements, and then they're tasked with turning raw data into relevant and meaningful insights.

Your path to becoming a data analyst

Option 1: Self-Paced Training

Work through online guided trainings paths at your own pace. As you journey through the learning paths and modules, you will be exposed to some of the skills you need to help you get credentialed.

Option 2: Instructor led training

Choose a traditional classroom training setting to learn on your own schedule, at your own pace, and in your own place.

Get Certified

Once you have completed the self-paced training and/or the instructor led course, try a practice assessment to see if you are ready for the certification exam.

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