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You design, build, and test the software and systems that make technology work, from commercial apps to enterprise cloud solutions. Take the training to develop the skills and knowledge needed to build your career as a successful developer.

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What is a developer?

As a developer you leverage your end-to-end technical expertise in large scale distributed systems' infrastructure, code, inter- and intra-service dependencies, and operations to develop and improve the reliability, performance, efficiency, latency, and scalability of services and/or products operating at scale proactively and continuously. This role includes advisory on code optimization, sharing expertise and insights drawn from working across related services or products, and participating in incident response throughout development and operations lifecycles. You develop code, scripts, systems, and/or tools that reduce operational burden by automating complex and repetitive tasks, enable product engineering teams to increase the velocity at which they can safely deploy changes to production, and monitor the effects of changes across systems, services, and/or products.

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