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You’re invited to be a cybersecurity pro or a data expert with Who Hacked? and Data Feeds. Immersive role-playing games from Cloud Games, created by and for technical professionals. Both games are available to play on-demand in single-player mode, each with two episodes that can be played in any order.

  • Who Hacked?

    Level-up your professional security, compliance, and identity management skills in this intriguing whodunit, where players are detectives gathering clues and evidence to investigate a security breach at Best for You Organics (BFYO). As you respond to ransomware attacks and suspicious web shell activity, you’ll use Microsoft technologies to crack the case and strengthen security at BFYO, one of the largest e-retailers in the nation.

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  • Data Feeds

    Data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts––this connect the circuit game challenges and expands your data and AI skills as you help a specialized consulting firm, Trey Research, solve the vitally important problem of food waste. Put your knowledge and experience with Azure Synapse, Azure Machine Learning, and Power BI to the test as you optimize Trey Research’s Insight Engine and help bring relief to the people of Hadria, whose island home has just been struck by a natural disaster.

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Sharpen your skills with four unique challenges

  • Keeping up Appearances

    The nation's largest e-retailer, Best for You Organics, is under attack! Gather clues and evidence to investigate a ransomware attack. Use Microsoft tools, like Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, and Microsoft Purview compliance portal to find the culprit, configure compliance policies, remediate the attacks, and protect against future cybersecurity incidents.

  • In the Crosshairs

    It's all hands on deck at Best for You Organics, as it is under another cybersecurity attack and you are working through a high-priority cybersecurity alert. Your mission: use Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Sentinel, and Microsoft Entra ID to uncover whose data has been compromised, when and how it happened, and how best to remediate and protect against future attacks.

  • Stop the Waste

    Trey Research needs your help to gather, predict, and present insight that powers the circuitry of the firms Insight Engine. Using tools like Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, and Power BI, you'll build an initial demo by “completing the circuit” and transform swaths of data into powerful insights and predictive models to solve the problem of food waste.

  • Crisis Response

    A natural disaster hits the island country of Hadria and its citizens are in dire need of food. Your expertise in data and AI are needed to put the model to the test. You'll use tools like Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, and Power BI to automate and optimize large amounts of data at scale to discover new solutions to this crisis.

Learn by doing––and have a blast while doing it

  • Get better at work by playing on the job

    Sharpen your skills in a fun, risk-free simulated environment.

  • Become a more creative problem solver

    Discover how to become more effective at responding to challenges that arise unexpectedly.

  • Learn and apply your skills

    Validate, upgrade, and expand your technical skills and knowledge by solving real world problems.

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