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The My World Global Curriculum series illuminates global challenges and inspiring stories impacting today’s youth. Through interviews with experts, celebrities, and teens around the world, this platform encourages responsible global citizenship and engagement.

Student activism: Taking it to the streets

This video includes a historical and contemporary examination of youth activism, introducing the landmark Supreme Court case Tinker v. Des Moines (1969) as well as a look into the Fridays for Future movement.

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Flip: Student activism and youth protest

Wildfires: A growing threat

This video features a look at the causes and global impact of wildfires in Australia, including an explanation of the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and its effect on climate in both hemispheres.

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Flip: Wildfires: A growing climate threat

Children protect their island from climate change

This video features children in Palau, a small region in Micronesia, and their fight to preserve their country’s/region's natural beauty amid an influx of tourism and the increasing impact of climate change.

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Flip: Preserving Palau: Climate change

Can Cigarettes be banned?

This episode features a close examination of the difficulties of enacting and enforcing cigarette bans worldwide, introducing disincentives and their impact on the health of people across the globe.

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Flip: Can cigarettes be banned?

Amazon: The heart and lungs of the world

This video includes a special investigation into the threats facing the Amazon rainforest. BBC My World journalist Nomia Iqbal travels through Brazil to investigate the impact of the fires and asks the clear question: Can the Amazon survive?

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Flip: Can the Amazon survive?

Are exams the best way to test students?

This video asks whether exams are the best way to test students in order to assess how much they have learned. BBC journalists interview experts to determine why exams have become the primary method of evaluation, and whether that may change in the future.

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Flip: Are exams the best way to test?

Old enough to vote?

This video introduces suffrage, the right to vote, and asks whether the voting age should be lowered. Teens from Malta and the United Arab Emirates weigh in and discuss the voting age in their countries/regions.

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Flip: Old enough to vote?

How Many political leaders are women?

This video provides a global snapshot of women in politics across the world, from New Zealand to Rwanda, introducing the concept of gender quotes in government and discussing their effectiveness.

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Flip: Women political leaders worldwide

Social media and free speech

This video details the widespread popularity and explosive growth of TikTok, a Chinese-owned app. BBC tech reporters discuss China’s extensive surveillance network of its citizens and potential privacy concerns for worldwide users.

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Flip: TikTok: Social media & free speech

Coronavirus: Tracking a vaccine

This video about COVID-19 showcases issues and topics surrounding the virus, as the world understood them in late March 2020. These include a scientific explanation of a virus, as well as how vaccines work and how they are developed.

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Flip: Coronavirus: Tracking a vaccine

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