Unlock generative AI safely and responsibly—classroom toolkit

Generative AI has become a popular topic in recent times, with both excitement about the potential of new tools, and concern about their impact. It’s clear that generative AI has the potential to bring vast opportunities in the field of education, and Microsoft is excited to support educators around the world to harness generative AI’s benefits.

Like with any new technology, it’s crucial that students are educated and empowered to use generative AI in a responsible way. As with any online experience, digital literacy skills and online safety principles are key in building resilience in students to use these tools effectively.

The Classroom toolkit: Unlocking generative AI safely and responsibly is a creative resource that blends engaging narrative stories with instructional information to create an immersive and effective learning experience for educators and students aged 13-15 years.

The toolkit is designed to assist educators in initiating important conversations about responsible AI practices in the classroom, such as the critical topics of content fabrications, privacy considerations, bias awareness, and mental wellbeing.

Use this resource

With the toolkit, students have the opportunity to actively participate in exercises that explore various generative AI tools such as Microsoft Copilot and prompt engineering techniques. By completing the lessons, students gain valuable insights and develop practical skills to enhance their digital safety. These skills include:

  • Fact-checking
  • Cultivating good digital hygiene habits
  • Safeguarding their data privacy
  • Adopting strategies to manage their mental wellbeing effectively

Educators can deploy this resource in a single lesson or broken up into four parts. This rough guide suggests how long each section may take, but we encourage extra time for discussion:

  • Introduction (20 minutes)
  • Gina’s Fight for the Ocean (30 minutes)
  • Game On with Alex (30 minutes)
  • Key Takeaways for Students (10 minutes)

This resource was developed in partnership with Cyberlite, a social enterprise specializing in cybersafety, digital wellbeing, and AI education in Singapore.

The resource set is available for download in English (US), English (UK), Chinese (ZH), and Korean (KO).


English (US)

English (UK)

Chinese (ZH)

Dutch (NL)

Japanese (JP)

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