Empowerment by Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools®

How can we empower others to reach their goals?

Have your students ever felt stuck or defeated? Have you ever had to motivate your students to demonstrate perseverance in the face of adversity? This is normal! But our students need to learn to stay motivated and to believe in themselves during tough times. Help your students develop grit and self-empowerment so they're able to reach their dreams and goals.

These lessons help your students become empowered AND teach them how to empower others. Lessons begin by helping students understand the meaning of empowerment and how it feels when they're empowered. Current and meaningful stories of empowerment are used to help students build strong connections. After learning a set of skills, students outline their own goals. They have an opportunity to shift their mind-set and practice problem-solving so they can feel confident. Your students will say “we can do this!” at the end of this unit.

Empowerment Notebook

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