Identity by Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools®

“Who are you?” is a difficult question to answer. Our identities change depending on where we are, who we are with, and what we are doing. Our identity is also more than one, concrete label. It consists of many things, like where we are from, what we believe and like, how we look, and so much more!

What makes up our identity?

When students have a better understanding of who they are they feel relaxed, confident, and happy. They develop an awareness that the world is full of people of all identities.

All lessons provide reflective opportunities for students. Students will learn how they can identify and strengthen their identities. They will learn about values, culture, and more. They will acknowledge their interests and feelings. Students will discover how identities change, grow, and even build over time. Finally, students will learn how to appreciate other identities so they can begin to create an inclusive world.

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