Wellness by Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools®

How can we build healthy lifestyles?

Wellness can have many meanings. Some may hear the term ‘wellness’ and think of crazy workouts and only eating vegetables. Others may think of self-care. Students need to learn that wellness is more than just being active, eating the “right” foods, or taking deep breaths. Wellness means making healthy choices and doing things that affect your life in positive ways.

Our lessons focus on physical, nutritional, and emotional wellness. Students identify how different foods, exercises, and emotions impact their bodies. They'll learn about and practice various exercises. They'll discover how balancing food groups can help build healthy bodies. They'll learn to acknowledge their feelings and discover coping and self-care strategies to help manage their emotions.

Students will have a stronger understanding of how to build habits that allow them to live happy and healthy lives after completing our lessons.

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