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Reading Progress

Reading Progress is a free tool that helps students practice their reading fluency. Students read a passage out loud while recording video and audio, then turn in their recordings to you. Create Reading Progress assignments in Microsoft Teams and track student progress over time in the Insights tab.

Reading Progress is available for free in Microsoft Teams

Navigating time constraints while also managing a class full of students is no small undertaking. Educators need time to connect with students on an individual level, analyze their performance, and identify opportunities for differentiated instruction. With assignment review that collects valuable data, Education Insights dashboards that help visualize class and individual performance and growth, and increased flexibility to empower students to practice reading fluency independently, Reading Progress in Teams ensures educators have more time to do what they do best - teach!

  • Provide fluency practice opportunities more often

    Traditionally, fluency checks are a one-on-one activity. Teachers take each student aside, listen carefully as they read and hope that the rest of the class stays on task ...  times 20+ students. The logistics of fluency checks have limited the number of opportunities educators can provide for student practice.  With Reading Progress, educators can do fluency checks more frequently, with less classroom disruption.  Equipped with Immersive Reader features, Reading Progress further empowers students to build in their own differentiation and complete fluency checks independently - at school or at home. 

  • Differentiate instruction for impact

    Educators can upload a reading passage from a Word or PDF document, or quickly select sample texts provided by ReadWorks. Students read the assigned passages aloud and submit recordings that can be accessed by the educator at any time. This relieves pressure for students, reduces classroom disruption, and redirects educator time to targeted instruction. Educators can select students from their class to assign distinct passages based on their reading levels or interests, and allow for multiple attempts. With more regular fluency data, educators can be dynamic in shifting groups to meet student needs. With repeated reading students improve comprehension and build confidence. 

  • Save time with AI-assisted review

    Reading Progress makes the assignment review process quick and easy and enables educators to identify trends to mobilize in future planning. Educators can utilize Auto-detect for AI-powered estimations of student errors. Teachers can always overwrite the suggested errors by tapping on any word they mispronounce and manually categorize it by error type. Correct words per minute and Accuracy Rate adjust automatically as educators review the submission. Educators can listen as many times as needed and jump to any word in the passage. 

  • Unlock actionable Insights

    Whether educators use the auto-detect feature for quick review or manually code errors, valuable data is collected into Education Insights dashboards, helping identify trends and plan for effective teaching. 

Reading Progress takes all the nerves out of my student’s fluency checks. They are comfortable with its approach and I am able to collect data quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Now, I can devote more time to differentiated instruction rather than individualized assessments. Joe Merrill, educator at Lake Park Elementary, Florida

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  • Honor best practices of fluency instruction

    'Reading Progress is a transformational way for students to actually enjoy and be an active part of advancing their reading fluency and skills. Reading Progress in Teams is a rich, deeply meaningful way to record student steps towards fluent, independent reading lives. It is truly groundbreaking in that it saves us as educators valuable time: we can visualize progress of each and every student, use the data to organize targeted, individualized work with our students, and honor best practices of reading development and instruction. It is remarkably exciting and completely indispensable for every classroom.' - Pam Allyn, leading literacy expert, award winning author, and advocate for children

  • Built on a solid scientific foundation

    'Reading Progress is built on the solid scientific foundation of oral repeated reading and close monitoring by the educator. It allows educators to provide personal attention to each student while at the same time dealing with a whole classroom full of students.' - Tim Rasinski, Professor of Literacy Education at Kent State University

  • Not just for emerging readers

    'Reading Progress has been such a time saver for assessing and analyzing my high school ELL students’ reading fluency. I am able to give a passage to the entire class and have them record their responses instead of having to individually assess the students. Cultural selections for the reading passages enhance their knowledge of important topics and current events. This allows more time to work directly with the students in addressing their needs.' - Luis Oliviera, Director of Unified Arts and ELA at Middletown High School in Middletown, RI


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