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Showcase School Program

About the program

Microsoft Showcase School program is a school transformation program and a global community of pioneer schools around the world. The program is an opportunity to engage with Microsoft and like-minded school leaders around the world to deepen and expand education transformation using Microsoft Education Transformation Framework. Showcase Schools create student-centered, immersive, and inclusive experiences that inspire lifelong learning, stimulating development of essential future-ready skills so students are empowered to achieve more.

Schowcase Schools badge.

Why become a Showcase School?

Become a Showcase school to join an exclusive community of innovative school leaders who:

  1. Share insights and best practices, and engage in local, national or global Microsoft events.
  2. Enjoy other benefits including Microsoft partner offers and product support, digital transformation guidance and access to resources and latest research, and opportunities for recognition by key global education institutions.
  3. Help shape the future of Microsoft education products and programs, contribute to the vision of schools and students around the world, and elevate your school’s visibility and role as a leader.

Fill out a nomination for your school

Whether your school is still a construction project or fully operational, if you are considering a growth journey towards digital transformation, you are invited to apply to the Showcase Incubator Path. The Showcase Incubator Path is the first step on this exciting and rewarding multi-year transformation journey that culminates with becoming a Showcase School. Schools will go through the Incubator Path at their own pace supported by Microsoft and its partners. In addition, they will join the Showcase School community to continue to establish global connections and facilitate learning from and with other schools

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